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What's on my Macbook Pro?

What do I use every day?

What feels like an age ago I wrote a short blog article about the utilities and apps I couldn't live without. The original article is here:

Utilities I couldn't live without…Again

I thought I'd revisit it as a lot of things have changed since then. A
lot of things. The video down below shows you how I operate my Mac, the most common apps in there. There are some links to some of the apps, and some terminal commands, for each bit below.

From that original list by the way - what don't I use any more? Well:

Mountain - replaced by FreeSpace.
Sizeup & Cinch - replaced by HyperDock
VMWare Fusion 7/Parallels 10 - Only really use Parallels now
EverNote -
Hmmm, they did an uncomfortable thing with my data.
OneDrive - Microsoft cut down the amount of storage in the consumer version, and OneDrive for Business is terrible, so elsewhere I go.

Reducing the Dock Hide Time
Two terminal commands for this, one to turn hiding on and zero the timer, the other to turn dock-hiding off:

defaults write autohide -bool true && defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0 && killall Dock


defaults delete autohide && defaults delete autohide-delay && defaults delete autohide-time-modifier && killall Dock

See here in the app store for info on that, or a direct link here.



Paste App











VSD Viewer

Video run through below. Quite long - sorry!

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