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Fatalistic Attitude to Car Parking

Car parking - pay for it or….?

I had somebody staying at my place recently as she was working in the City the following day. Now, she had to get the tube in to town so I suggested parking at the local tube station - obviously. This led to an interesting conversation.

I rarely pay for parking.

I don't pay at my local tube stations - never have - to date I've had a couple of tickets, paid neither...and nothing has happened. One station is an NCP car park but shared with the tube station, and the other is just...I've no idea.

She parked ONCE without paying, and got a ticket.

This got me thinking about my attitude to such things, as I've not really thought about it before. I've had so many tickets from BlueWater that I've lost count - utterly ignored all of them.

I don't think I've had any from my two local tube stations either, if memory servers, and I've been using them for over 5 years.

I'm obviously quids up on the deal.

I absolutely do pay for on-street council enforced stuff, and I've no issue with barrier controlled NCPs and the like - but pay & display I tend to...ignore.

Have I just been massively lucky? Understand the rules have changed on this front over the last year but realistically I can't see 100 quid tickets being enforced as they need to show loss of earnings for the point of the ticket - you cannot have punitive contracts. The companies involved seem to be avoiding test-cases too.

Thinking about it, I suspect I'm being a bit of an asshat in some respects. Just because I perceive I can get away with something maybe shouldn't dictate that I do - it goes against my
general theories about piracy for example.

I'd never actually stopped to think about this attitude...I kind of had always just done it with little thought. I may give it some more thought in the future though!

I'd be interested whether others adopt the same opinion or....?
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