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15-04-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 15 April 2013.


This week I’ve spent a fair amount of time producing a few demo environments for different purposes. Forgetting the purpose for a minute, can I just say how amazing I think desktop virtualisation is…? I think I’ve mentioned it repeatedly - it makes a tech’s job just so much easier, and efficient. Years ago of course you’d need physical hardware to run things up and test - now, 10 minutes with VMware and you’re good to go. How did people work before this technology….? I remember - and the answer is slowly.

Earlier in the week I was chatting to a colleague who unfortunately had some kit stolen from his car - along with somebody else who unfortunately was in the same car park. Now, it would appear the cars were targeted - how did they know there was kit in those particular cars? Anyway, wrote something about it below - would be really interested in your thoughts:

Electronic Devices - Theft from Cars

I found an interesting article from PCPro this week:
Windows 8: advanced features Windows 8 is in an awkward place isn’t it? Love/hate. There’s more to it than ‘that’ interface! Personally, I’m loving it.

Also, according to the UN
more people have mobile phones now than toilets - not quite sure whether this is good information to have.

Blog Stuff
A few things this week, including:

Windows 8 Tablet - HP ElitePad: I’ve been trying to love my HP Elitepad - have a read about how I’ve gotten on with it here.

Windows 8 Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel - Gone: Stupid one that gave me tech-rage….Touch keyboard gone from new user profiles.

iPad Mini Logitech Keyboard: Have been using the Logitech keyboard for a while now, you can read about my thoughts on it here.

Replacing the Microfilters on a BMW 3 Series: Cars are technology right? Save some money on servicing…do the simple things yourself. Probably not relevant.

UC Goodies
There’s been a number of interesting articles pop out of the woodwork this week - summarised below. Also, it’s the Microsoft UC User Group in London soon. Heard good things about them, will try and get along to this one.

The adoption of Lync for voice is certainly accelerating isn’t it - RCPMag are talking about it here:
Lync 2013: Microsoft Revs Up Its UC Platform

Found a fascinating read here -
WiIl Google Or Microsoft Become The World's Leading Telephone Company? Google certainly seem to be behind within EMEA, I suspect they have a stronger story and base in the US. Will be interesting to see how the giants start facing up to each other won’t it? Competition drives innovation - and we all love innovation.

Of course big news in the Exchange world right now is the availability of
CU1 for Exchange 2013. This means that coexistence with Exchange 2010 SP3 is now supported - just a bit of relief. Also, you Exchange people will love this: Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Deep Dive

Avoiding Lync 2013 Certificate Prompts: A common one this in Lync given the changes to the discovery methods for the Lync clients - worth a read if you’re deploying.

Lync DID forward external? With no SefaUtil and no dummy user accounts? Why Yes! Great approach here - an obvious one when you think about it - but the best ideas are simple right?

Using Lync Server 2013 calling number translation rules to change display number Handy tip here - again, fairly obvious, but useful to know.

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