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11-03-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 11 March 2013.

Another interesting week inside the Unified Communications market. Firstly of course it was the 2013 UC Expo at Olympia. A great show to get to see what the vendors are up to, and to meet other people with a strong interest in UC. Again this year it seemed to be quite dominated by Microsoft, and its partners, all showing off their Lync goodness. You can see a day 1 highlights video here on YouTube.

Cisco was also there, but their area seemed less populated - but not as little traffic as Google! Must admit I was quite surprised at the lack of interest shown to the Google Business Applications proposition? I would be interested in hearing people’s opinions on that. Personally I’ve not spent an awful lot of time looking at Google’s business offerings, and judging by the foot traffic at the expo, I’m not the only one!

Would also be interested in what you think of this -
Apple - where’s the think different?

Lync and Skype Federation
Article here around
federating Lync and Skype. It came as a bit of a surprise to most that this was not included by default within the RTM’d product - it was certainly expected. Anyway, that article describes the full roadmap for Skype and Lync federation - it’s coming, expected June 2013. It works at the minute for Skype users who have migrated from MSN by the way - worth bearing in mind if you want to set it up for demo or the like.

some thoughts on the federation model here from Matt Landis.

Lync Goodies
Lots happening in the Lync world this week, including:

Lync 2013 Mobile available for Windows Mobile. iOS version due imminently apparently.
Lync 2013 Cumulative Update 1 – Installation Guide. Great article from Iain Smith outlining the processes involved with installing CU1.
Lync Server 2013 Capacity Calculator. An obviously early release capacity calculator for Lync 2013 - useful given the specifications asked for for the Lync 2013 Front End Servers!
Lync 2013 Stress and Performance Tools have launched.
Great article looking
in depth at the Lync File Shares.
When we are attacked we strike back. Remember those blogs attacking Microsoft and Lync? Well, here’s an interesting, if slightly emotive, come back on those articles.
Cisco SIP URI Dialling to Lync 2013. Interesting blog outlining the options around routing calls via SIP URI into Cisco Call Manager. Not really new, but an interesting take on it.
Office365 has had a refresh - you can
read about that here.

General Good Stuff
Here’s some additional stuff I’ve found interesting this week.

Use Wordpress?
30 great plug-ins.
Flash coming to IE 10 and Windows 8.
Some interesting thoughts on the figures and facts surrounding
BYOD here.
Use a Password manager? PCPro has an interesting article here:
Password managers: Are they safe? Which is the best?

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