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08-04-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 8 April 2013.


Quiet week this week - probably due to it being Easter, the kids being off, and people having little time for the technical world right now?

The thing that’s happily entrained me this week is:

What the Internet Used to Look Like

love the video in that! Reminds me of the past….and all that emerging technology. Lapped it up, and made a whole career out of it!

I also saw that
Raymond Lane has stepped down from HP. I remember reading about the ‘issues’ and also wondering where it was going to end up - I guess we now know what the ‘evolution’ of that board is! Interesting times for HP. They’re a massively interesting company - more so than they’re given credit for I think. Lately. we’ve only really heard about the stuff they’ve got wrong haven’t we? Like WebOS, and the continuing fall-out from the Autonomy buyout. I’m watching this one out of a keen personal interest - love to know what they’ll be up to next!

Something else that caught my attention this week - admittedly from the US - is the ruling that users cannot re-sell their iTunes libraries:

Court Rules Users Can't Resell Songs Bought on iTunes

Personally, it would never have occurred to the me to ‘sell’ my digital content when I’ve finished with it. Different to say my DVD collection for example - I periodically have a clear out of movies that I’ll never watch again, and just throw them on eBay. I wonder how this affects people from an estate point of view? Do the rights to the music/media/content expire with the expiry of the person for example, or can they be ‘inherited’ as part of the estate? Pretty grim thoughts I guess, but still, an interesting subject.

Apple Stuff
I caught an interesting video this week detailing some mock-up enhancements to IOS 7.0. I must admit that I think IOS 6.x is looking tired now up against some far more modern competition - watch this video and see what you think.

Also, on the Apple front, it would appear that Microsoft & Apple have settled their differences on the fall out over subscriptions in SkyDrive:

SkyDrive 3.0 Appears in App Store Following Apple-Microsoft Conflict Over Subscription Options

General Blog Stuff
Like I say, quiet week this week, but still have some stuff for you!

Office/Lync 2013 Group Policy Templates - Simple run through detailing how to implement Group Policy for Office 2013 (Lync 2013)

Exchange ECP redirecting to OWA - HELP! ECP keeps redirecting to OWA….

Microsoft UC Goodies
Quiet week due to Easter, but things that have caught my interest this week:

Description of the cumulative update for Lync Server 2010, Core Components: March 2013. Exactly what the link says!

UC versus UC&C. Interesting discussion about the term ‘UC’ and ‘UC & C’. I found it interesting anyway!

EC13: Is a UC Battle Over TCO Brewing? This has kind of kicked off I think from recent articles saying Lync was expensive to operate.

Morphing SIP Trunking Into Federation. I feel slightly unclean posting multiple articles to NoJitter, but this is an interesting read if you’ve any interest in SIP trunking.

Obama for America Relied on Microsoft Lync for Seamless Campaign Communications. Great marketing WIN for Microsoft there hey?

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