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01-04-2013 Weekly Tech Update

Technical round-up to Monday 1 April 2013.


Firstly, I’ve been asked a couple of times this week to have people added to this list (probably through forwarding). This started life as a brief up date to a select number of people that I work with (across the industry) and I had no real plans to throw it out to more people or expand it - I’ve no issue adding people though. The tough thing with stuff like this is judging content and people to send it to - too much/not enough is always a tough call.

previously written about how much I love my Apple iPad Mini for it’s form-factor and functions. One of the things I’ve been struggling with however is getting a workable keyboard for it. The Kensington one I bought just turned out to be unworkable - keys way too close together which obviously resulted in a ridiculous error rate. And rage. So that’s now in a box somewhere.

I then found one on eBay for about 20 quid - one of these:

iPad Mini Aluminium Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

Same issues - utterly unworkable, and ridiculous high error rate.

Today I stumbled upon this one in John Lewis:

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini, White

My first thoughts were that it would be the same as the others - until I noticed that the keys are a
lot bigger:


If you compare it to a normal Apple keyboard, the keys are probably around 30% smaller:


It achieves this by introducing a number of modifier keys - so in effect there are
fewer keys on the keyboard. Anyways, my initial tries with it have been very positive. Far, far fewer errors then on the others. OK, so the modifiers take a bit of getting used to - but I think I may finally have a workable answer! I shall report back. It also of course doubles as a reasonable hard-back case.

So what else is new? Well, I’ve finally finalised the configuration on my Macbook Pro with the
Samsung 840 Series 500Gb SSD. I can confirm everything is working very well, and exactly as I expected. Fast, and with lots of storage!

I’m now on the hunt for an external Thunderbolt drive enclosure as my late 2011 MBP doesn’t have USB 3.0.

Blog Items
Firstly, a nice simple one - how do you turn off Mountain Lion notifications…? It’s pretty easy to do quickly & temporarily, see here:

Turning off notifications in OSX

As I’ve been building some demo systems recently, I’ve done some run throughs including:

Removing an Exchange 2013 Schema Prep - yes, yes I know. Unsupported and a BAD IDEA…but it may come in handy for someone.

Building an Exchange 2013 Server for Demo

Exchange 2010 on Windows 2012

This one is vaguely interesting - somebody asked me about the performance of building a Windows 2012 Server from scratch using VMWare Fusion with the virtual machine running on the SSD - you can see the results below. It takes less than 10 minutes to build - it’s safer than messing with SysPrep and NewSid and all that, and seems to be far more successful:

Building a Windows Server 2012 on VMWare Fusion

Microsoft UC Goodies
Remember that great script for backing up Lync? Well, it’s been updated. See here:

An update to the Lync 2013 Enterprise Backup script

Interesting article here on

Use Lync Address book segregation

I get asked this a fair number of times - where can I find qualified service descriptions for Office365? Well, see here:

Office 365 for Enterprise Service Descriptions

Great article here on methods of migrating data from OCS 2007 R2 through to Lync - remember all the dbimpexp stuff?

Migrating Userdata from OCS 2007/R2/Lync 2010 to Lync 2013

Article below shows the view on using shared collab data on an iPad:

Viewing Shared Media Content in Lync 2013 for iPad

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